Recently Vivaldis Interim, a Belgium temp agency, launched a new type of business called TRAVAQ. Jobs for students, by students! A creative new concept with the aim of activating students in today’s business environment. In times where traditional labor markets are becoming increasingly expensive and complicated, such an initiative is most welcome.

 The advantages of working with students are numerous, for both clients and students themselves. Students are typically more flexible than traditional employees, highly motivated and can be highly qualified as well. Companies with short-term projects, assignments or specific needs can find student jobs very attractive and useful for them. In times when more workforces are required students can easily be used to bridge the necessary capacity, at cheaper prices as well.

Of course not all students will be evenly motivated, flexible and qualified as one another. Therefore a good matchmaker is key. And who’s better positioned for this task than students themselves? They not only better understand the needs, worries and expectations of other students; they also develop some valuable skills for their future career. Not to mention the networking possibilities they get during their years of study.

Travaq, with this new initiative,8870cf5f-93c3-4c34-aec7-2e877e2c59ab-medium hits a nail on the head. By using qualified students to select other students, the matchmakers get the chance of being an entrepreneur a little bit as well. Amongst other they are responsible for facilitating an easy communication and administrative processing between clients and students. Travaq even gives them the chance for a permanent job after they finish studying. The use of such a new business model could improve the client’s image as well. In short, all related parties could benefit in many different ways. A business model that promotes creativity, entrepreneurship and development at a young age, and builds a bridge between students and today’s engaging business environment… What’s not to like? Who knows, maybe this model will bring a wind of change to the temp industry, just as Uber did for the taxi industry.

For some additional reading in Dutch, please visit this link or go to for more information.

A short introduction video of this new concept can be found here.