YOUR ACCESS TO undeniable market oppOrtunitIES

Latin America


We GIVE you accesS to the dynamic growth of the Latin American SME landscape:
helping businesses grow and delivering that growth to you

High growth markets with positive long term macro-drivers
The Latin American middle class is growing significantly and sustainably. Urbanisation is accelerating. Many sectors are still very fragmented, which provides scope for consolidation. There is capital scarcity and company valuations are highly attractive. Moreover, the Latin American culture is perfectly understandable for our team in order to do business and invest succesfully. 

The fact that banks are hardly giving loans to SMEs is a direct opportunity for private equity and private lending. With our Latin American Growth Fund we are investing in local family-owned growth companies that benefit from the rising consumption created by the new and expanding middle class in Brazil, Chile,  Colombia, Peru and Mexico. 

Local presence is essential
Working with local partners is vital: with people who grew up in the different countries where we operate. These deep local roots are necessary to prudently put capital to work. Diversification is important within regions, companies and local partners. 

Latin American values? 
Environmental, social and governance considerations 
Private Equity and Private Debt in the region have a proud heritage of delivering significant social impact. Through our investments we will continue to make an impact far beyond the balance sheet and without impacting returns. We are proud of the contribution we make to society. 

The market opportunity is undeniable and the timing is right
With more than six years of local presence, we have built up extensive experience and thorough knowledge of the countries and specialisations in the different regions. Economic, financial and political indicators point to favourable timing for the continuing diversification strategy in the region. We will continue to promote growth and provide debt financing to selected family-owned growth companies in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico.

fund portfolio

Mas Equity

Bogotà, Colombia

The first Colombian private equity firm to provide growth capital to medium-sized businesses with high potential.

DGF Investimentos

Sao Paolo, Brazil

DGF invests in high growth potential in the lower middle market, led by outstanding entrepreneurs. With a track record from a series of succesfull investments, DGF has been a pioneer in this asset class in Brazil since 2001.


Sao Paolo, Brazil

Alothon group is a value-oriented private equity firm with a focus on middle market investments in Latin America, principally in Brazil’s consumer sector. The firm has 20 years of investment history in the region. 


Bogotà, Colombia
Chapultepec, Mexico
Lima, Peru

Founded in 2010, Kandeo is a leading private equity firm investing in growth companies across Colombia, Peru and Mexico. Kandeo focuses on financial services, generating a positive social impact in underserved emerging markets.


Real estate


Prestigious real estate partnerships
As the only US Dollar economy in Latin America, Ecuador is a stable country with a good infrastructure, 90% renewable energy and highly fertile ground. The country offers a huge number of investment opportunities and yet suffers a shortage of capital.

We have established a strong partnership with a renowned local family. Through this collaboration, we are developing the Millennium Towers and Solaris projects in Guayaquil: two projects that will change the skyline of the metropolis of Ecuador. 

Both projects will give the growing middle class access to better quality property. The construction work itself is already creating direct and indirect employment for the local population.

Property Portfolio


GuayaqUil, Ecuador

With Millenium Towers we are creating a city-in-a-city.
It includes a total of 5 towers in modern architecture, which will provide in everything that this part of the city urgently needs:  a right balance of residential, retail and office space. 
Construction work has started in June 2018.


GuayaqUil, Ecuador

The Solaris project is also located in the heart of the city and will have an even more significant impact. There has been a great need for medical infrastructure in Ecuador, since the massive earthquake of 2016 shut down Guayaquil’s hospital, making the capacity shortage even worse than it was before. Solaris will house what the city needs most: multiple medical practices and an oncology centre.
Construction work began in September 2017.