Direct investment in SMEs
with solid profit and GROWTH POTENTIAL

Iconic real estate
With above average market yield




We provide you accesS to direct investments of CAREFULLY selected mature SMEs,
with A proven track record of long-term profitabIlity

Growth capital and replacement capital
We help SMEs unlock the next phase in their growth, by injecting growth capital, developing new product areas and opening new markets, on the road to international expansion.
By injecting replacement capital, we help you with succession solutions or a management buy-out. 
Whether you want to buy or sell, we offer you the support and expertise you are looking for on financial, legal and operational level.

Acceleration capital, a cross fertilisation
We encourage the entrepreneurs of tomorrow through the exchange of ideas, commercial activity and investment. That is why we help bring fresh ideas, proven technologies and services to the global market, which are beneficial to our existing mature investments.

Looking to re-invest?
Diversify your assets while remaining involved in the company and reap the rewards of future growth. Without being tied to a strict investment horizon, you can continue to support the company for as long as there are clear achievable growth plans. Buysse & Partners safeguards the company culture and family capital values.

For the long term and in close partnership
We only invest for the long term, in areas in which our network has exceptional industry expertise, and in companies where close partnership with the CEO is possible.

Discrete and disciplined
All our investments are made in a discrete and disciplined way through our own trusted network. Only a selected group of investors are chosen for each investment.

Your first point of contact
Investors receive a stake in the company. Investors with expertise are invited to join the Board of Directors. However, Buysse & Partners remains the first point of contact between company and investor.

Company portfolio

Antwerp, Belgium
Nieder-Olm, Germany

Vivaldis Interim

Vivaldis Group is a Belgian company specialised in employing personnel at Belgian SMEs with more than 80 offices in Belgium and Germany.
Vivaldis Interim handles general blue and white-collar temporary assignments, while Vivaldis Construct  temporary focuses on temporary assignments within the building and construction industry.

Wilrijk, Belgium


ESAS is market leader in smart device management in the Benelux. It provides monitoring, technici for field services, outsourcing and software. The more than 1000 employees of ESAS install and manage devices, connected to the internet, mainly as a subcontractor to multinationals and SMEs in the Benelux.

Kontich, Belgium


This booming Belgian design label with upcoming and respected designers, diverse collections and more than 5,000 points of sale worldwide has been specialised in affordable luxury since 1986. With more than 120 designers including Pascale Naessens, Sergio Herman, Anita Le Grelle, Vincent Van Duysen, Muller Van Severen, …, Serax embraces the changing lifestyle trends as reflected in consumer spending, globalisation and differentiation.

Wijnegem, Belgium
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Blommaert Aluminium constructions

Blommaert Aluminium Constructions manufactures hatch covers for the inland shipping industry, mobile covers for land installations and aluminium constructions for the industry. Blommaert Aluminium Constructions is European market leader with production sites in the Benelux and growth markets in Central Europe and Brazil. 

Dessel, Belgium
Bornem, Courrière, Belgium

Peeters de raamproducent

Peeters is a producer of high quality aluminium and PVC windows and doors, for professional installers. While opened a successful webshop for windows and doors since 2012. As a combined group they are strengthening their market position building on a high-quality, competitive product offering and the e-commerce trend.

Antwerp, Belgium

Global Port Training

Global Port Training offers tailor-made training courses in Dutch, English, French, and Portuguese for all port, maritime and logistics blue collar personnel at its homeport of Antwerp and worldwide. Previous customers included the World Bank, the United Nations and Fortune 500 companies.

Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium

Bio Pharma Logistics

Bio Pharma Logistics is an independent transport and logistics company
specialised in packaging solutions and highly sensitive shipments for the biotech and life-science industry. BPL offers a worldwide door -to-door service with complete packaging solutions, process documentation, regulatory advice, full track-and-trace and multimodal transportation in all possible temperature ranges.

Berchem, BelgiuM
New York, US 


Twikit, the Buysse & Partners acceleration capital company , sets a new standard for how brands and retailers, such as BMW, design and create products: 3D-customisable, on demand and digital. 

Rijswijk, Nederland
San Mateo, California US


Bluebee serves genomics and multiomics assays with end-to-end, optimized data solutions. Bluebee was founded in 2011 by leading institutes of Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands and Imperial College London, United Kingdom. Within 5 years this scale-up intends to occupy a distinctive top 3 position worldwide. 

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Real Estate

WE invest in iconic architecture and operational opportunE real estate,
generating You an above average market yield

Investing with peace of mind?
Let our knowledge of the local market help you benefit when you want to invest for the long term in real estate.

A selection to maximise the yield
Our property portfolio combines a well selected balance of buildings with iconic architectural design value and high tenant occupancy, combined with operational real estate ripe for generating high yields. 

Hands-on management and quick follow-up require close proximity to our properties. Which is why our portfolio has a deliberate focus on the Benelux. 


We take care of it all
Tenant administration, renegotiating supply contracts, refurbishing and increasing rental income, as well as keeping you informed of urban planning perspectives. We’ll manage with tenant suppliers, contractors, architects and city councils: all the stakeholders needed to keep standards high. 

Leave your concerns and the practicalities of managing your real estate investment to us. We take care of it all, while you enjoy an attractive above-average market yield.

Property portfolio

ANTWERP, Belgium


A landmark hotel in the historic Grand Bazar building, at the Antwerp Groenplaats. Studio Farris Architects and Binst Architects will be expanding and refurbishing the Hilton hotel in 2021 with a highly creative and integrated approach.

Antwerp, Belgium

BP Building

Leased offices in a fully renovated protected monument from 1960 by Belgian modernist architect Léon Stynen. The BP building or hanging building has floors suspended by steel cables to the concrete construction on the roof. The first using such suspended structure in Europe.

Brussels, Belgium

CBR Building

This extraordinarily shaped building, designed by modernist architect Constantin Brodzki in 1958, is now home to Deloitte, the Fosbury & Sons co-working station and others. 


Blommaert SITE

Strategic waterfront production facility with offices and industrial workshop, located along Albertkanaal.

Antwerp, Belgium


Majestic 19th century mansion in one of Antwerp’s most prestigious streets.

Kontich, Belgium

Serax Site

Site with high-end offices, show room, fully equipped co-working space and warehouse.
Built in 2008 and 2016 by previous owner with decent and sustainable materials.
About 15000 m2 with room for extension.

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