Meet the team

WITH A tradition of perseverance and trust

Investing family capital requires huge discipline, a long-term vision, commitment, TRANSPAReNCY and due regard for the expectations of all.

With a history in family asset management, perseverance and trust are our values. These are combined with expertise, sustainability, discretion and high ethical standards. Only if these values and standards are shared and embodied, will we decide to enter a partnership with an investor, company or a team member.

We are committed to providing you exemplary service that represents and respects these shared values and standards.


Who's who

Frank Buysse

Guy Mertens

Johan Buyle

Dimitri Herbosch

Cedric Liekens

Ingrid Baeten

Werner Claes

Peter De Bie

Philippe Vanhove

An Coenen

Laurens Willems

Tania Mertens

Bruna Seghers

Florian Rotsaert

Eric Claessens

Edgar Hujoel

Ian Fidlers

Julie De Bruyn

Loïc Vancauwenberghe

Sven Haest

Michiel Ruysschaert

Ellen Daman

Evelien Coppens

Marie Martens

Nathalie Van den Broeck

Alexander Vos

Epco Van Hemelen

Evi Vandenborne

Chahrazad Aouam