Buysse & Partners (97%), together with Balak’s management (3%), will carry forward the ownership of Balak Coatings and Fences. Frans van Bakel, grandson of the founding family van Bakel, will stay active in the company and will continue to work on engineering and R&D.

Balak is one of the largest European players in fencing panels.

It produces 50,000 tons of panels annually out of a total European production capacity of 130,000 tons. With 50 employees, the group realizes a turnover of 50 million euros and a gross operating profit (EBITDA) of more than 20%.

The company started out in 1946 as a painting company, then went on to galvanize steel parts as a subcontractor until it took the process completely into its own hands. Since then, Balak has been in the hands of the founding family van Bakel.

Buysse & Partners, Balak’s management and Frans van Bakel will join forces to continue to support Balak in maintaining its position as cost-leader in the manufacturing of twin-wire fences.

Frans van Bakel: ‘Buysse & Partners is an entrepreneurial, long-term investor who will enable Balak’s management to further invest in the continued growth of the company.’

Balak & Buysse & Partners - Closing

Balak & Buysse & Partners – Closing

Johan Buyle, partner Buysse & Partners: ‘We are fascinated and impressed by the high degree of specialization and automation that Frans van Bakel has implemented in the company. Balak has an attractive growth potential, as well in the existing as new customers segment in Northern and Western Europe. We are highly convinced that, for many reasons amongst which safety, there will be a widely spread demand for Balak’s products over the coming years.’