The World Economic Forum in Davos exudes fear this year. Ten years ago topics like China, the growth engine, automation and emerging markets inspired global leaders in their decision making pro Globalisation. Unfortunately, the very same topics today are all painted black and lack a message of hope. Today it’s all doom and gloom.

However… when you talk to young researchers or techies in Davos you realize that creative destruction is a good thing. They are determined positive thinkers at the verge of new enabling technologies. They might not be onstage next to mogul bankers, corporate powerhouses or eloquent politicians. But you meet them in the cool hangout of Facebook, the converted coffee shop into the marketing house of India or the unofficial get-togethers in the surroundings of the WEF.

I met a lot of Americans who truly master the concept of bringing the right crowd together to network informally but very efficiently. This is where promising entrepreneurs score their first tranche of funding, get to talk to a Congressman on how to win FDA approval or bump into their vital future CEO (it’s in Davos that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg met his current COO Sheryl Sandberg for the first time). What’s very Anglo-Saxon is the fact that most parties, wine tastings or gatherings have a very prominent charity component. In all, I have found my message of hope.

Frank Buysse

CNN: “There’s fear in the air at Davos”