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By providing affordable luxury, Serax embraces the changing lifestyle trends of consumer spending, globalisation and differentiation. The tableware collection of Serax furthermore ensures the hospitality sector of what they are really looking for: offering an experience towards their customers. Dining has moved away from just food towards story-telling, in which “L’art de la table” plays an extremely important role.


Serax designs its own products, in collaboration with more than 120 designers, among which Pascale Naessens, Sergio Herman, Muller Van Severen and many others. After production, Serax distributes the products towards its international clients, emphasizing top-notch sales execution, as all aspects of the value chain have to be executed with the highest possible diligence in order to support the storytelling.


Serax is a leading high-end design platform, headquartered in Kontich (Belgium), specialised in affordable luxury mostly tableware and interior design.


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