Unique Partnerships

Strong, mutual commitment…

Off-market investments introduced by trusted families with local relationships and influence.

We can provide access to off-market deals, investing alongside influential local families, on a global basis.

The opportunities we invest in tend to be unique and often arise through the political clout and influence of our family partners.

Lasting relationships
We support our relationships with cultural exchanges and cross diversifying financial exposure in regions of both families.

Unique Partnerships
Influencer-led deals


Antwerp – Belgium

Extension and ownership of a prestigious landmark hotel in Antwerp

Project Condor
Guayaquil – Ecuador

Direct investments in Ecuadorian real estate projects, led by an influential local family

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A dedicated Buysse & Partners team in situ for any project >€10m


Off-market opportunities with exceptional risk-reward profiles


Diversifying our portfolio beyond our core strategies


We only invest with families that have earned our trust and respect